Liposonix. An effective treatment without surgery to lose weight?

We all want to look and feel good. Many people use diets, gyms or lifestyles to get a toned and thin body, but there are also new aesthetical treatments that guarantee fast, natural and effective results with no need to apply surgery. That’s the case of Liposonix.

This advanced treatment has been tried by many celebrities and influencers that have used it to get a noticeabledifference in their bodies and lose some sizes. That’s why it has become one of the most popular and polemic procedures. However, how does Liposonix work? Who can get it? Is it effective? How accessible is it? Find it our right away.

How does it work?

“Liposonix” is a local treatment that employs high ultrasonic technology, basically equals the results of a liposuction, but with no surgery at all. The way it does it is by destroying the adiposity tissues or fat located in different zones of the body through series of shots produced by a transducer device called “ULIFTLIPO-SONIX”, in charge to emit focused waves precisely calculating the zone.

The treatment general lasts one hour, and in just on session your waist can be reduced around 2.5 centimeters, which is equal to a size less, depending on the person’s metabolism.

Steps followed in a session of Liposonix

The transducer destroys the adiposity tissue through the focused waves

  • A net or mesh effect is created by the device, it makes the attack on treated zones more accurate
  • The macrophages (Immune system’s cells that clean and destroy other target cells ) are attracted by the transducer to neutralize fat and waste it naturally   
  • Finally the adiposity tissue that has been treated will be reabsorbed after some time and that’s how it gets a notable volume reduction

This procedure takes about 2-5 weeks, so the results are not immediate. It is worth noting that the treated fat doesn’t go back to the original place. Lymphatic and vascular system along with the macrophages are in charge to process it and send it to a different place.

The frequency in which Liposonix shouldbe takenis 2 or 3 times yearly as a maximum; this will depend on the way and how fast the fat disappears. It’s recommended to keep a healthy lifestyle and use lightly belts to make it easier, but is not really necessary to keep any rest.

Who are able to take it?

Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure; there are some restrictions and indications that must be considered.

It shouldn’t be applied to:

  • People with inflammation, bruises, blows, cuts or trauma
  • People with a lack/excess of sensibility
  • Women during menstruation
  • People with skin diseases or infections
  • People with poor immune systems
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • People with hernias
  • People with metal prostheses in the zone to be treated
  • People with severe numbness

You are a candidate for Liposonix if you have good health in general, if you are not obese, and your adiposity is equal or less than 2.5 centimeters of density. To know how much you can pinch ouch your waist and measure the thickness of it.  If you have doubts about it you should definitely contact with a specialist in the area.

Is it effective?

Something interesting about Liposonix is that it uses HIFU technology (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) and if you compare it to some other body contour process that uses low frequency and energy, the results are more uniform, accurate and predictable. Besides, the fact that it is not an invasive procedure causes plenty of advantages:

  • It gives you faster and better results than other treatments thanks to the high and advanced technology
  • It doesn’t left scars, marks or any kind of aggression, unlike aesthetic surgeries or complicated procedures
  • It addresses up to 13 mm of deepness in skin without cutting it or opening it. Before, that range was possible only with surgery.
  • Recovery process is not necessary; the person is able to restart his/her daily activities immediately.

The treatment is especially convenient for those who despite of having a healthy lifestyle and working can’t get rid of those remaining centimeters. Doctors say that Liposonix is not a way to lose weight or a liposuction. It is a way to remove the last impossible centimeters.

How accessible is it?

The advanced aesthetic treatments are expensive and not everyone has enough incomes to pay them. In this case, Liposonix’s price is around 1000 to 3000 USD, depending on the area that you want to treat. At first sight it may seem too expensive, but if you compare it to the price of other treatments like surgeries or liposuction, it is a really good price.

The effective results, innovating technology and the fact that it doesn’t leftaftermaths, side effects or any type of scar makes it worth it. The results are visible in little time, and there are many professional doctors in Europe specialized in this area.

If you are a healthy person, you work out constantly and you want to reach your goals and show off an ideal body naturally, Liposonix is a fast, accessible and effective treatment and definitely an option that you should consider.