Lipolytic Laser: Price, effectiveness and contraindications

Esthetical treatments constantly evolve by the technological advances. Innovative ideas come out offering the same results of esthetic surgery without putting you into an operating room or the consequences of it. One of those is the Lipolytic Laser, a technique that works with laser system and transmits energy to remove the fat of the body in a natural and effective way.   

A lot of people share positive opinions about this process, and some others doubt about its truthfulness. However, we invite you to learn about the price, effectiveness and consequences of the Lipolytic Laser shown below.

To get the right point, we need to know the process of this technique:

How does Lipolytic Laser work?

The development consist in apply a diode laser (semiconductor device) with low frequency to remove the fat or adiposity in specific zones. The way it does it is through the activation of lipase, an enzyme which purpose is to canalize the fatty acids in the body, that also decompose the triglycerides turning them into glycerol or smaller and soluble substances which are posteriorly are naturally trashed after, and that’s what makes a notable volume reduction on treated zones possible.

This treatment takes about 30-60 minutes per session, once a week; during 4-10 weeks depending on the person progress and it must be accompanied by a healthy diet and constant workout to perceive good results. Generally it’s applied to different zones of the body like abs, arms, legs, hip, back or any part, women and men can equally receive the treatment. 

The reduction average is 1. 5 centimeters of abs and from 2 to 4 cm on different areas like hip, waist or paunches. The biggest amount of volume is reduced in the early sessions of the treatment, in last ones the reduction is less. 

Lipolytic Laser Benefits

  • It helps on the progress of weight and fat loss, in hard zones
  • It reduces and prevents markedly cellulite and stretch marks
  • It Tones the figure, removes toxins and improves circulation
  • A Non-invasive and painless technique
  • No scars, marks or post operatives. It is a completely natural treatment.
  • The recuperative process doesn’t exist. The treatment gives you independence to work and make your daily and normal activities with no problem at all.

Effectiveness of Lipolytic Laser

Effectiveness or truthfulness of the treatment depends on many factors, for example, the person’s metabolism type, the adiposity amount that wants to remove, the place where it’s located and the number of sessions applied. Also it is very important to count with the attention of professional staff and last generation devices specialized on laserlipolysis.

Likewise the effectiveness of the treatment is affected by the habits that the person have.  If the person follows a healthy diet and works out constantly the results will be faster and notable. Almost everyone has had positive and effective reactions to the Laser, with optimal results.

Price of the Treatment

TheLipolytic Laser is an often treatment in Europe and all around the world, among other things thanks to the relative accessibility of its price, and that’s because there is a lot of competition on aesthetic centers compared to the expensive and complicated surgeries  that need higher qualification. You can pay a session around 100 euros, but you can also choose multi-session bonuses that are cheaper if you consider to apply a few, those cost from 40 to 100 euros approximately. The price changes in different countries or regions.

You must consider some things before an inversion on a treatment like this. Make sure of the high technology and quality of devices, and also check the professionalism of personal. Make a general comparison and choose the best option for you.


The treatmentshouldn’t be applied to:

  • People with some skin disease like psoriasis, desquamation, eczemas, etc.  The Laser uses heat to transform the adipose tissue, which might result in aggravation of symptoms or unwanted secondary effects. 
  • Women during pregnancy.
  • Women during menstruation.
  • Women during lactation period.
  • People with scars, marks, or internal damage on areas to treat.
  • People with obesity.
  • Autoimmune patients or with some infection.
  • People that have put through recent surgical procedures.
  • People with swelling or redness.

Before the application of the treatment it’s very important to consult a specialist, despite that the Lipolytic Laser has not being a complicated or dangerous process, it gets into the skin and changes the organism.  If you want to know how prepared you are the best you can do is to talk with a specialist and ask all the questions you have.

During the treatment people might feel some heat sensation, nothing to worry about, and it happens when the adiposity destruction starts.  You may also experience redness on treated zones. However, any Lipolytic Laser’s symptom is temporary and it disappears with time.


Lipolytic Laser is a positive and helpful process, but to better enjoy the results it’s recommended to have a healthy lifestyle, drink a lot of water, eat food with low caloric content, do some soft exercise like walking or running for 30 minutes everyday (no necessarily heavy routines) and basically take care of your wellness.

This process is not a liposuction, and the purpose is not for losing weight, rather it pushes your to reach your personal goals regarding your health and look, molding your body and improving circulation and general health. It’s definitely an innovative, accessible, effective and beneficial treatment that tones your figure naturally.