At present time, every time there are more people trying to obtain the desired body through aesthetic surgery. Throughout simple techniques, men and women can say goodbye to localized fat, imperfections or cellulites, getting a little bit closer to current fashion paradigms. Among these techniques, nowadays there are innovative and revolutionary treatments, among them laser liposuction and Vaser Lipo are clear protagonists. In this article we will talk about Vaser Lipo, focusing on its definition and results.

Vaser Lipo definition

Liposucción VaserOn medicine, ultrasound has been used since decades ago to treat some diseases, for example cataract, or being able to see fetus on its first gestation months. Constant evolution where we are included without noticing, it has made today ultrasound is used to extract fat tissue in a selective way, without harming any other tissue type.

That is how Vaser Lipo works, with energy and strength of ultrasound, liquefying localized fat encountered under the skin, selecting adipose tissue with great precision. This allows a good and fast recovery, getting a skin firmness that is hardly observed in other similar treatments.

The Vaser Lipo technique is the next: after local anesthesia, it is injected on patient a saline solution sedating the zone to treat, contracting blood vessels and avoiding hardly after operation for bruises to appear, later, with a small catheter that transmits ultrasound, it liquefies fat cells, destroying and removing them with a small aspiring cannula.

Being a non invasive treatment, hospitalization is not required, with a prudential time on observation, the patient will return home getting back to normal life after three or four days, following plastic surgeon´s indications treating the patient.

Vaser Lipo results

Vaser Lipo results can remind us lipo laser outcomes, since when liquefied fat is aspired, thanks to the heat effect skin contracts, avoiding flaccidity. That helps to fight irregularities on skin, and issues with cellulites, showing a soft skin full with elasticity.

In relation to when we can start noticing first results, it will depend on the zone to treat and the amount of extracted fat; however, it usually is a very quick process. There are people that during the first 24 hours already start noticing changes, but as a rule, it will have to wait until three or four days, a period that can be extended until two weeks or a month. In any case, results are a lot faster than traditional liposuction, where among other things; a long recovery time has to be waited. On Lipo Vaser, in the same way that lipo laser, in a few days you will able to return your work with no problems.


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