Tummy tuck, also known with the names of Abdomen Aesthetic Surgery or Abdominal Plastic Surgery, and how its name makes reference it is a surgery carried out basically with aesthetic ends, more than health reasons.

It can be a minor surgery; in this case it is called mini tummy tuck, or being a bigger scale and complicated surgery. In any case, it is a procedure that requires previous caring as well as after operation caring, and as any surgery, it must be aware it brings some risks. However, in most of the cases tummy tuck obtained results are quite satisfactory for the ones submitting to this surgery.

What is Tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck is a aesthetic surgery performed with the purpose to remove fat and skin excess located on low and middle abdomen area, also to repair and strengthen abdominal muscles. When removing sparing fat and skin, muscles will stay stuck to the abdominal wall, acquiring a very nice aesthetic appearance, where a more firm and flat abdomen can be seen. The patient will perceive a remarkable difference before and after tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck results

Nevertheless, tummy tuck results are not always definitive. The patient submitted to an tummy tuck must adopt a diet and exercise contributing to maintain results on long term.

When is it recommended to perform an abdomen surgery?

Tummy tuck is an elective surgery, since it is the patient who picks to performed it. This surgery has aesthetic ends and it is recommended for those people, who after suffering overweight have lost these extra pounds, but diet and exercise have not helped to regain muscular and skin tone. It also happens in the case of women, after having several pregnancies.

Tummy tuck types

To determine which the most convenient tummy tuck type is for every patient, the surgeon must evaluate amount of skin, fat and muscle on each particular case. Frequently, surgeons count on with photos of performed abdominoplasties to other patients, which are useful to show before and after the operation, and help candidates to have a more realistic expectation about results obtained in the surgical procedure.

Depending on every particular case, it can be performed one of the following procedures:

Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction is one of the most popular surgeries in the liposuction field. It consists of extracting adipose fat accumulation localized on the abdomen area, from there having the abdominal liposuction name.

This process, at present time it is usually performed with the known lipolaser, not being necessary a general anesthesia, but it is applied local anesthesia.

Mini tummy tuck or partial tummy tuck

It is the performed tummy tuck to eliminate low amount of fat and skin excess under the belly button, and in some cases it does not require muscle reparation. So, the incision is short and it is done on the pubic region.

Short scar tummy tuck o Minilipectomy

This procedure is chosen to attend patients in light conditions, when there is low skin and abdominal fat excess, and it is required fixing abdominal muscle separation or to treat some hernia. In this case it is done a small incision on the lower part of the abdomen, leaving a small tummy tuck scar.

Classic or complete tummy tuck

It is the surgery performed on cases of patients with moderate or high fat and skin excess on the abdomen, which covers lower abdomen region as well as above belly button. The incision will be as big as the amount of fat and skin it is required to eliminate.

Extended or anchor tummy tuck

This procedure is the one considered when the patient has skin and localized fat excess on the sides and abdomen. The incision is anchor shaped, performing a vertical cut and another horizontal cut. This incision shape allows obtaining a more asymmetrical result.

Circumferential tummy tuck

As a rule, patients submitted to this type of tummy tuck are people who suffered obesity and have lost big amount of weight, and as a result they have skin excess covering abdomen, reaching the back.

How is the procedure


Depending on the type of tummy tuck performed, surgery can last from two to six hours top, being mini tummy tuck the surgery that takes less time.

In most of the cases general anesthesia is applied, although it can be happen that the surgeon prefers local anesthesia, in relation to the size of the intervention.

The classic tummy tuck procedure is the next:

  • After the patient has been sedated, surgeon will proceed to make the corresponding incision through the abdomen, right on the pubic area. And, a second incision will be made around the belly button.
  • Then, the skin will be gotten up to expose muscles, and fat tissue excess located in the low abdomen part, until above belly button will be extirpated. This process receives the name of dermilopectomy.
  • The surgeon will separate the belly button from skin but it will be attached to muscle tissue from the abdominal wall. Then, fat tissue elimination follows, being above belly button until rips height.
  • It will be proceeded it to fix muscle structure, join together separated muscles by suturing, in this way achieving a firmer abdominal wall.
  • Excessive skin will be removed. Belly button will be joined together leaving it in a new position. This process is called neuromilicoplasty.
  • Last, the surgeon will proceed to suture the incision. In some cases little drainages will be inserted, which flat tubes are working on draining liquid that can accumulate out of the incision. Later they are removed.
  • If necessary, tummy tuck can be concluded with a liposuction on the sides and hips, which reshape patient´s body figure.
  • To conclude, the surgeon will put on patient an elastic dressing over the abdomen, to keep it firm in the recovery process.

Cares after an abdominal surgery intervention

Abdominoplastia Antes y Después

Hospitalization for tummy tuck intervention usually is between 24 to 48 hours and the complete recovery process can last until six weeks, even though it is preferable not to make great efforts during first three months. The intervention is contraindicated on smoking patients, since there is an important risk of abdominal cutaneous flap necrosis.

  • After the surgery is done you will be discharged so you can return home, depending of the type of procedure you will stay two or three days in the clinic, or a few hours, only.
  • the doctor will prescribe you pain killers to help relieving the pain out of the operation, take them following the instruction
  • Doctor will give you instruction about how to shower and how to change bandages.
  • You can begin with walks as soon as possible, but without stretching.
  • External suture stitches will be removed after seven days after the operation.
  • Later you can replace bandages with a belt for the next two or three weeks, since this will help you to support your abdomen until it heals.
  • You should not do activities requiring effort during the next four to six weeks.

Tummy tuck scar will get flattened and cleared out over months, but do not expose to the sun the incision area to avoid for it to get dark.

Tummy tuck costs

The price of an tummy tuck is usually around 2800 to 4000 USD. Final price of an tummy tuck will depend on the country and the clinic where the patient go, along with the amount of fat and skin to remove.

Tummy tuck photos: Before and after


cirugia de abdominoplastia

Before and after tummy tuck example. Tummy tuck result

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