As in any surgery, there are certain risks and light discomforts, even though these should not alter us. We are going to try to enumerate more common complications in an tummy tuck. Immediately after the operation, the stomach remains firm and swollen and it feels a general discomfort on this area.

Discomfort can get to the point that you can get stand without feeling the tight sensation, although you should start walking as soon as possible, since this improves recovery.

It is also common the appearing of bruises, even though the most bothering thing is the swelling, which usually disappear in a top time of three months. These symptoms are accompanied in many occasions with numbness of abdominal skin.


As we were saying before, dealing about a surgery it is logical that always there is the possibility for side effects to appear, even complications. Although it is not quite common to see infection cases, negative reaction to anesthesia, an abnormal appearance after the operation or blood clots.

Surgery produces a scar depending on the obesity rate that patient would have, it can go from one side of the hip to the other. This scar is right bottom underwear line, since it will never be seen with clothes on.

In any case, we only pretend for you to know advantages and disadvantages of this intervention with the purpose to know all data. Even still from this blog we recommend to always attend and specialist to advice us, and give us all necessary information based on our case.