Sin its beginning, liposuction has become one of the most known and popular aesthetic surgery techniques, among those people who desire to get rid of localized fat and shape their body figure.

Over the years, liposuction has evolved and transformed quite much, becoming nowadays as a common practice in most of the specialized beauty centers in aesthetic surgery.

Thanks to it, men and women can say goodbye once and for all to fat accumulation, which there is no way to vanish with diets or physical exercise.

How is liposuction performed?

Liposuction (also called Lipo sculpture) is a surgical intervention, and as any intervention of these characteristics anesthesia is necessary. In most of the cases, general anesthesia is the one to choose, however, sometimes depending on the zone to treat local anesthesia can be used.

The liposuction process is the next one: through a cannula, the surgeon travels all those zone to treat, injecting a liquid solution that allows detaching the fat out of the skin, transforming it into a viscous aspect look like substance, which will be removed out of the body throughout suction process. The duration of this surgical intervention is variable, even though it usually takes from one to three hours.

Recovery after a liposuction

Dealing with a surgical intervention, there is a postoperative period is going to depend on treated zones. After liposuction, it is necessary for patients to stay a while on observation. So, they will be admitted during one, two or three days, depending on the complication of the performed intervention.

After the first days, it will be necessary to wear a liposuction belt on the intervened zone, in this way; possible swelling or bleeding can be controlled. This liposuction belt will be convenient to still wearing it over a few weeks, following the instructions of the plastic surgeon.

After the intervention, a rest time will be necessary, being obligatory not to do any exercises from two to four weeks. The stitches can be removed from the fifth day after the intervention, even though resting time from work is usually two weeks off.

Liposuction variants

liposuccion convencionalBeing a quite used technique, it has evolved in a constant way, giving as result a variant that is winning lot followers at present time: Lipo Laser technique.

Lipo Laser is a great alternative in comparison to conventional liposuction, since it allows us to get rid of localized fat without having the need to face a general anesthesia. Through the light of the laser, the surgeon melts the fat that is aspirate or eliminated out of the body in a natural way. In this case, the recovery time a lot faster and it does not need hospitalization, or too extensive resting time from work.

There are people that use Lipo Laser to reach those hard access areas for traditional liposuction devices, since laser light is more accurate and it reaches where original surgery technique is not capable of reaching.