Laser lipo is a surgical method with aesthetic ends, which is performed with the purpose to eliminate adhered fat between the muscle and skin, having as a result shaping of body figure. This procedure can be done on diverse body zones as legs, abdomen, arms, and knees.

The process to carry out a liposculpture is quite simple; in fact the process is done without using general anesthesia, since superficial skin layers are treated, only, where fat is localized.

The procedure consists on removing fat out of treated areas, through laser light application on fat layers, using cannulas and optical fiber that melt accumulated fat; recovery is very fast, in fact, in approximately a 48 hours period, the patient can return to some regular activities; plus, before and after liposculpture results do not take too long to be noticed on person´s body.

Before and after liposuction

Antes y después de una liposucción láser
Lipoescultura antes y después

It is important to clear out first that laser liposculpture is not a method to lose weight; it is simply a way to shape body through localized fat elimination, which could not be removed with exercise or balanced diet, or which would take a long time to achieve.

Because of the procedure is performed with a small cannula, the incision only has a few millimeters and healing process is very fast; after a while the scar practically cannot be noticed at simple sight.

Before and after liposculpture is the most important point for who have decided to use it. Not being a method to reduce weight as it was detailed before, it does will give thinner appearance to figure, because fat preventing to appreciate muscles as they are will be removed. Skin will be better adhered to the body, which eliminates flaccidity appearance produced by factors as overweight, pregnancies, and sedentary life styles.

Additional information to have into account

Laser liposculpture must be carried out by a professional and capable doctor; anyway the clinic or assistance center should be previously authorized to operate; the patient must be submitted to lab analysis, and a physical condition evaluation before the procedure.

It is important to follow all recommendations from the surgeon for pre and post operative process, since this will determine quality results. Because not all bodies react in the same way, results can vary much from one person to the other, principally due to healing processes of body and later caring.

Approximately, after a two month period the person finally would be able to observe before and after liposculpture in all its glory, even though it has be stand out that when process has been recovered, the person should maintain an adequate exercise regimen and a healthy diet, in this way fat will not return, accumulating it on the region where the operation was done.

Liposculpture is not a permanent method to obtain a shaped and perfect body, but a complementary plan to a healthy life style. Before any doubt you consult with the surgeon performing the operation, who can show you result pictures and guide you about details of the procedure.

Before and after liposculpture pictures

Next we leave a few before and after liposculpture pictures.

Buttocks lipo-transference with extracted fat from hips:

lipotransferencia antes y despues
Lipotransferencia de gluteos con grasa extraida de las caderas.

Before and after Abdominoplasty:

cirugia de abdominoplastia
Antes y después de abdominoplastia

Before and after abdominal liposuction:

lipoescultura abdominal
Liposuccion abdominal antes y después

Before and after Arm liposuction:

lipoescultura de brazos
Liposucción de brazos antes y despues

Before and after Laser liposuction:

lipolaser antes y despues
liposucción láser antes y después

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