At present time there are several types of lipo sculpture, which differentiate from each other mainly on the used technique, and utilized surgical machinery.

Next I will detail you the most used lipo sculpture types:

Invasive lipo sculpture types

Traditional lipo sculpture

Traditional lipo sculpture is based on a technique originally invented for assisted surgical aspiration for fat elimination. It is performed under general anesthesia, so you will be sleeping during the entire procedure. The surgeon will make an incision and insert a cannula on the deepest skin layer, moving it back and forward to break and remove fat cells with the help of suction of a vacuum pump connected.

When the necessary amount of fat has been removed, incisions are closed with stitches and some of them can remain open, in order to reduce the amount of bruises and swelling after the procedure.

Also, a drainage tube is usually put during a few days to avoid any liquid accumulation.

There is a bigger risk with this type of liposuction since it requires general anesthesia, however, because the patient is unconscious, it allows the surgeon to treat bigger and multiple areas at the same time.

Tumescent liposuction

Lot plastic surgeons consider this technique as the most secure and effective among the different lipo sculpture types. Big amounts of saline solution (possibly until three times the total amount of extracted fat) constituted by lidocaine (local anesthetic) and adrenaline (it contracts temporarily blood vessels to avoid hemorrhage) are injected, through small incisions on the fat area to be treated.

The saline solution helps to separate fat out of the muscles, making fat compartments get swollen and hard, therefore, it makes easier the elimination and it also reduces the blood loss. Then, a cannula is inserted back and forward throughout areas with fat excess, and it is removed trough a vacuum pump or a needle.

Some remaining fat cells decompose on the next weeks as consequence of the cannula movement, being important for the doctor to keep this in mind, to not remove too much fat that can produce clefts and scars on the skin, after. This procedure takes a little bit more than traditional liposuction (sometimes until four or five hours for big areas) General anesthesia is avoided in this technique.

Super-wet liposuction

The amount of fluid used in this technique is less than tumescent technique (usually only the same amount of extracted fat). General anesthesia is required for this technique. The treatment lasts among one or two hours, and it is ideal for people how want to perform other procedures at the same time, taking advantage they are under general anesthesia effect.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL)

liposuccion-no-invasivaThis technique is used on areas where fat is more dense and harder to remove, like upper back, male breast area, chin, neck, cheeks, knees, calf, and ankles. It is about using ultrasounds energy (high frequency sound waves) through a cannula to break fat and liquefy, then utilizing traditional suction to remove it. Often it is used after tumescent liposuction as a “fine tuning method” since it allows more precision.

An added advantage is that skin is tight during the process, since it is a great alternative to an abdominoplasty, or body lifting designed to eliminate skin excess. As a rule, it does not take more time than basic liposuction.

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