Once analyzed several methods to eliminate focalized fat, as we have seen on the articles we spoke about lipo vaser, as alternative to laser liposuction and other alternative methods to lipo-sculpture, besides having mentioned numerous lipo laser advantages, now I want to mention the known technique as Lipo-transference.

Lipo-transference: Information

Lipo-transference is one of the most innovative methods that aesthetic surgery has: this consists in extracting fat out of certain zones of the body, through laser liposuction or lipo laser, and put it in another zone that needs fixing of imperfections, or to give more volume on a specific zone we want.

This process is very secure and rejection free, since components from the same body (same fat) are used, to perform fixing processes or size increase.

How is it performed?

The first step is to know the amount of fat tissue (also known as adipose tissue) that we need to obtain the wanted result, and to know if we have that amount of spare tissue so it can be extracted and performs lipo-transference.

After this, depending on the amount of fat tissue that we need, the extraction will be performed in one way or another; if what we want for this procedure is a buttock augmentation, the required amount of fat is bigger, so it will necessary to perform a liposuction on the abdominal part or hips to get it, since these are the areas with higher percentage of mesenchimal stem cells, which are capable to reproduce in any other cell type with no problem.

On the other hand, if the zone to retouch is small extraction process can be done with a needle. This is to say that this process has to be performed with sterilized equipment, and spaces designed for such purpose, avoiding in this way any type of contamination of the extracted fat or final zone.

After the adipose tissue extraction, this must be separated into other components, since it is extracted along with blood and other kind of tissues. It must be done, under Puregraft filter processes (the leader system for these procedures) to get the fat to transfer to be as pure as possible; this, to decrease reabsorption percentage and body to assimilate it easily.

The next step is to relocate already filtered and processed fat on the desired zone to reshape and augment. That is to say, we already get to the final phase of lipo-transference.

When is it recommendable to use lipo-transference and when is it not?

Buttocks lipo-transference

Buttocks lipo-transference is used to increase and reshape the back part, in the less invasive way as possible. This is achieved through a laser liposuction process and adipose tissue filtering, as it was explained above.

Also, it is recommendable to use optimized lipo-transference, which consists to enrich destined fat to fulfilling of anthological growth factors; these are located on the same patient´s blood. Growth factors favors fat grafts, and therefore, ingraining to the receptor zone in an easier way.

Those are extracted in the separation process, applying to the blood in a centrifuge process to separate densities, in this way obtaining them.

Buttocks optimized lipo-transference results include: Elevation and increase of volume to obtain the so called “Latin buttock” or the flat buttock improvement. Also, it can be fixed asymmetries caused by hereditary factors, or some surgeries that can produce these differences, and the reparation in shape and size of buttocks after injuries, traumas, or accidents that could have happened.

Face lipo-transference

This lipo-transference type is the most common and simpler of all procedures. It consists on removing fat tissue of any part of the body with a needle, to make a filtering process and tissues separation, for the reinjection of pure fat on cheekbones, forehead, lips, or any desired part of the face.

To highlight, as fat reabsorption is higher due to low amount of fat used in this procedure; a few months after it can be possible we have not the desired result we want; even though, this is not always the case, it is necessary to take into account that exists resorbable filler methods and products, which at present time have a great quality and guaranty us the result we want, over a determined time space. For this reason, it is recommendable to take into account several options before deciding for lipo-transference on the face.

Breast lipo-transference

This procedure has quite big confusions when is compared with breast implants. It is important to affirm that lipo-transference does not substitute augmentation mammoplasty with prosthesis, since every technique has its indications and procedures, being intended for different things.

To perform this procedure is necessary for the patient to have enough fat tissue on giver zones (abdomen and hips). In the case of thin patients, the most striking option would be the volume augmentation through breast implants, for the same explained reason.

On the other hand, if the patient wants to increase breasts more than a size, prosthesis still being an option, since the enhancement obtained with transferred fat is a lot of less, besides it requires several sessions, increasing the treatment cost and it needs more abdominal fat, or in the hips zone for its performance.

The extracted fat of giver zones must be treated and centrifuged, as it has been explained earlier, before being inserted into breasts; there is also the optimized lipo-transference option explained before, for the reabsorbtion improvement.

Several doctors agree that normally is absorbed 35 percent to 55 percent of implemented fat as graft; but this does not mean both breasts will absorb the same amount, since it is the possibility for them to stay asymmetric, because a breast can get smaller than the other.

It is always recommended to talk with a surgeon doctor about all techniques and procedures for breasts augmentation, obtaining like this the best option for the particular case of everyone. At the end, every patient has different requirements that are fixed with several procedures; of course, there is also the monetary possibility to carry them out.

Inside aesthetic ends of breast lipo-transference, we count on with chest volume augmentation and abdomen, hips and tights reduction, besides tuning up results after a vasectomy. In another way, fixing ends include: congenital malformation fixing, breast reconstruction, and damage reconstruction caused by radiotherapy.

As a result we obtain lipo-transference breasts augmentation offers a natural look. Like other lipo-transference types, being composed by fat and tissue out of the same patient, it has null rejection risks. Last, this procedure achieves a double objective: it reduces non aesthetic fat, and increases breasts volume.

Consult your specialist doctor before a lipo-transference

Consult your doctor for better detail on how lipo-transference procedures are performed, besides their benefits and side effects. It is important to have in mind all surgical processes, in relation to plastic surgery before making a concrete decision, about what it wants to be done to improve or repair damage in some parts of the body.

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