Liposuction is a surgical intervention, which has as purpose to remove adhered fat to the superficial skin layer. To perform the procedure a stainless steel tube called cannula is used, working along with a vacuum pump they absorb and extract fat out of the body. To carry out this liposuction surgical procedure general anesthesia is used. Nevertheless, thanks to new technologies traditional liposuction has evolved, and now more advance surgeries are done, as laser lipo. But… what is the price of liposuction?

What is the cost of liposuction?

Liposuction price is one of the things we should know immediately, since it is a key factor to know if the procedure can be performed or not, depending on every person budget. Some of the most requested areas are abdomen and buttocks, being the one generating more interest to budget how much liposuction costs, and generally is going on prices that can start from 1.500 to 8.000 USD.

While it is true that these prices are only estimation, this guide can orientate you regarding budgets; it is also important for the patient to decide performing one of these procedures, not focus only on investigating liposuction price, but also other factors influencing final results have to be researched, as well.

Influencing factors on liposculpture price

lipoescultura de brazos
Liposucción de brazos antes y despues

Some factors can have more or less influence on the procedure price, however they must be considered, as well; elements influencing to know how much a liposuction costs are:

  • Surgeon´s experience; more the experience is probable to influence price, being more effective.

  • Selected clinic´s location for surgery; located clinic on “exclusive” zones can have higher prices, in the same way, if you choose a local clinic the total cost of your surgery will be more affordable, either if you decide to make the procedure in other city or country.

  • Time used by the surgeon to complete the procedure.
  • Patient´s weight.
  • Lab fees, preoperative services.

It is very important to take into account that to make the final decision about your liposuction, it is not enough having only two or more choices to pick the one fitting more into our budget; plenty of times the cheapest election can result expensive, and it can put in risk health and even patient´s life.

The known technique as liposuction has evolved quite much in the last years; technological advances combined with medicine allow surgeries to be more aesthetic, in comparison a few years ago; the use of state of the art technology (as laser utilization on lipolaser) is more expensive than using liposuction classic method.

Remember that before you submitting a liposuction surgical intervention, you must inform yourself in details, regarding the doctor, clinic and proper development, which are data that interfere on how much a liposuction costs, and they can help you to know if you are on professional hands.

How much does it cost a liposuction in the United States?

Unlike the liposuction cost in Spain, in the United States results a little bit more expensive. Liposuction price in EEUU varies between 1.500 and 8.000 dollars, always depending on treated zones, amount of fat to extract and the attended clinic.

Liposuction prices in Latin America

The cost of getting done a Lipolaser in Latin America can be around 1.200 to 6.500 USD. It is complicated to establish a middle liposuction price with having a previous study case, so you must visit some accredited clinic or hospital and with guarantee to request for a budget, since there are several factors influencing liposuction final price.

Liposuction price in Spain

Using a liposuction can cost around 2.000 and 6.000 USD, varying in function of the zones to treat, amount of fat to remove, and the clinic where the liposculpture is performed.

Liposuction history

Liposuction was perfected by two Italian gynecologists; Giorgio Fisher and his song Giorgio Fisher Jr. who in 1974 discover that body adhered fat tissue could be extracted through electric power, which achieve a long permanent aesthetic result.

Important considerations to evaluate before getting a liposuction done

The wanted and final result after getting a liposuction done depends on factors like:

  • Surgeon´s experience: More the experience surgeon has more skills to carry out the procedure, being the aesthetic result better.

  • Pre surgery evaluation analysis: To determine the patient´s physical state, if he or she results a suitable candidate for the procedure, along with cautions that have to be taken during the recovery.

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