Fashion trends with a perfect body have made liposuction to become one of the most common surgical practices, being carried out by men and women; nevertheless, due to the budge to perform it results not that low, a method called homemade liposuction has been developed, which is a practice that is popularizing among many people, with the desire to look slender and beautiful, without having into account that it is a practice having great risks.

Is it possible to perform a homemade liposuction?

The procedures won popularity with the release of a video on the web, in which it can be seen, a young man performing the technique in his own body, inside his own bedroom.

Some experts see this liposuction type as a conscious attempt to health and life of who submit to it.

Liposuction is a aesthetic operation that demands professional personnel and experts on plastic surgery and anesthesia, which needs to be carried out in a specialized room as an operating room, not being right under any concept to perform it in some house bedroom, which is not prepared to make this kind of techniques.

Some of the risks by carrying out homemade liposuction are describe next.

Homemade liposuction risks

lipoescultura casera
Liposuccion Casera

Technically and professionally all surgical interventions must fulfill with primary sanitary procedures, with the possibility for some risks to be present in the operating room, per se, and if we talk about a homemade liposuction risks are twice as big, as we can see next.

  • It is important that the person putting anesthesia must be a qualified doctor; the lack of a professional anesthesiologist, along with the lack of a certified medical space for the performing of this procedure, it can produce quite tragic results.

  • Sanitary conditions of the place and tools to use are very important, since the lack of hygiene and asepsis on working tools can produce infections, putting in risk the patient´s life.

  • The lack of experience performing the homemade liposuction will increase the risks probability, facing any incidental and keeping control of the situation because the inability to act.

  • Hemorrhage and loss of blood during this type of liposuction increase, which is why it is important to count on with adequate instruments to drain. The doctor´s criteria always will be bigger in these cases, because an empiric person probably does not know how to act facing an unstopping hemorrhage.

  • Chances of damaging any internal organ or tissue are a lot bigger.

Reviewing the risks involved in the submitting to a liposuction of this type, it is important to conclude that a homemade liposuction is not a viable practice to perform. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who are willing to perform this type of intervention, without counting with the most basic and indispensable operation and hygiene conditions, putting in severe risk to person submitting to the procedure.

Avoid homemade liposuction at all cost

It is recommendable that if you want to improve your image and shape your figure, and you do not count with the economical resources to perform a liposuction in a specialized place (lipo sculpture prices can be a little high) you look alternative options to liposuction, as heart exercises combined with balanced diet, which are going to help you decreasing adhered body fat amount.

It will take more time on seeing actual results, but this is a secure way where putting chances of putting life in danger do not exist. You will only need willpower and change feed habits.

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