The gastric balloon is an IDE device to facilitate weight loss on patients with obesity. Obesity is defined as a fat excess in the entire body, normally as consequence of misbalance between caloric ingestion and energetic spend. There are surgeries to lose weight as abdominoplasty, but in this article we will focus on the gastric balloon, which does not require surgery.

Obesity carries a high risk for health. Obsessed people are more susceptible to suffer cardiopulmonary diseases, arterial hypertension, diabetes, lung diseases, sleep apnea, cancer and joint degeneration.

Treatment always includes an adequate diet and physical exercise. In some selected cases it can be benefited from treatment with drugs. Since a few years ago we dispose of the gastric balloon.

balon-gastricoThe gastric balloon is a silicone device that once inside the stomach fills it with physiological serum (around 450 to 700 cc). Gastric balloon produces an earlier satiety sensation and appetite decreasing, which facilitates during the six months reposing on the stomach, to improve dietetic habits and do exercise, to obtain a weight loss, usually between 14 to 22 kilograms.

Gastric balloon is indicated on people with a body mass index (BMI) superior to 30 and always after a dietetic, nutritional, and psychological evaluation. The first days after its placement, the patient suffers digestive discomforts, sickness and vomiting, until proper adaptation. The principal advantage is that it does not require a surgical intervention, and after six months it can be removed with any further problems.

Months carrying on the gastric balloon by the patient must work to get used to a healthier diet that can maintain the obtained weight loss. As well as its placement and removal are carried out with deep sedation for the patient does not to feel anything.

The 98 percent of patients tolerate well the gastric balloon, achieving to reduce weight in a proper way.

During the entire time the patient carries on the gastric balloon must be a strict control of diet and digestion specialized doctors.

If what you wish is to shape your figure and remove focalized fat somewhere else having fat accumulation, we recommend you to inform yourself about liposuction.

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