For you to submit a laser liposuction, you have to fulfill some requirements:

  • You cannot have overweight: Those people having more than twenty percent overweight are not advisable to get done a Lipolaser.

  • Having good health: you must have good health if you want to submit to this procedure, without heart conditions, immunological problems (since you may have problems on the operation or later recovery) or diabetes.

  • You must have healthy and elastic skin, in a way that after Lipolaser procedure it can be adjusted to the new body shape.

  • You cannot have performed other aesthetic operations on the zone you want Lipolaser to be done.

Otherwise, you are not a good candidate if:

  • You have meaningful overweight
  • You are an hypertensive person
  • you have blood circulation problems
  • You are pregnant

What is Lipolaser?

preguntas-frecuentes-lipolaser-liposuccionOn a Lipolaser intervention, in first place several incisions are done according the area to treat, and it will be injected an adrenaline and anesthesia mix, in a way that on the zone of treatment a tumescent effect is obtained (Lipo sculpture similar technique) that besides sleeping the area, it produces a vasoconstriction of surrounding capillaries, getting minimal bleeding produced.

Following, a flexible cannula will be introduced with optical fiber on its extreme side, since it will transmit a laser light that thanks to it, it can be known where the cannula is at all times, and control the procedure more easily. For every practiced hole a fan type movement is performed, obtaining to liquefy fat of such zone (lipolisis). The used laser only affects fat, without hurting the rest surrounding tissue. After liquefying fat, another cannula is introduced to absorb liquefied fat.

During the operation fluids are administrated through venous to compensate the ones that get lost extracting fat. After finalizing the process, a stitch is done on every hole and a special belt is put on the treated zone. In this way, scars are practically invisible, even wearing swimsuit or underwear, because incisions are done on strategic zones to avoid exposure.

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