Over the last years diverse slimming techniques have started proliferating the aesthetic and beauty word. Among them, cavitation and cryolipolysis have earned much relevance, being considered great competitors of more conventional surgery, as it can be traditional liposuction. But, transformations suffered by liposuction over the last years have got to be other less invasive alternatives, such as lipo laser that is a liposuction where fat cells are liquefied. They are cavitations and cryolipolysis, real laser liposuction alternatives? Let us know a little bit more about these techniques to see how they work!

Cavitation, it eliminates cellulitis and focalized fat with ultrasonic waves

CavitaciónCavitation is a beauty aesthetic technique that is overall used to get rid of cellulitis and shape body. The cavitation procedure is simple and no invasive at all, since it is not about a surgical intervention. Through some smart rollers low frequency ultrasonic waves are generated, acting on fat deposits, transforming it in a liquid substance that is eliminated in a natural way through lymphatic system, inside our own body. The session is composed by two phases, on the first one 40 minutes of cavitation are done on treating zones, and after drain techniques as massages and similar are performed.

Cavitation results are not immediate and at least ten sessions are required to notice relevant changes.

Cryolipolysis, fat cells destruction with cold application

Cryolipolysis is a non surgical beauty treatment, using cold application to get rid of fat. This technique is quite innovative and it was invented by American scientists of Harvard University. The cold application on fat cells through some plates achieves to decompose fat, leaving the body to eliminate it naturally. The time of every session varies depending on the zones or zones to treat, even though it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. Although, it can be used as slimming technique, it is recommendable above all to eliminate cellulitis.

In this case, results are also not immediate, and there has to wait a few days and several sessions to be able to notice them.

Then, are cavitation and cryolipolysis lipo laser alternatives?

Cavitation and cryolipolysis have plenty of positive things, since they are little invasive techniques that do not require surgical intervention; however, they cannot be considered lipo laser real alternatives. While first ones results are not immediate and they require several sessions, laser liposuction is performed only once on the zone to treat, showing first outcomes in practically an immediate way: in the first days we already can notice substantial changes. On the other hand, cavitation and cryolipolysis do not show definitive results, unlike laser liposuction.

In general, it is usually said that cavitation and cryolipolysis more than alternatives to laserpolysis are complementary techniques, which can help us to improve elasticity and softness of our skin.

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