Laser liposuction has earned many followers in the last years in relation to conventional liposuction. It is like this due to a simple reason: It is a lot less invasive technique with a quite faster postoperative. Nonetheless, lipolaser is not alone in the aesthetic world and sliming surgery. Because every person and body is a world, today we will offer different alternative treatments to laser liposuction, all of them specialized in the localized fat removal and non surgery cellulitis. As we know, to be beautiful it is not necessary to pass through surgery room, we will focus in four non surgical aesthetic techniques able to help you losing those extra sizes.

1. Cavitation, it eliminates localized fat with ultrasounds.

Cavitación, técnica para eliminar grasasCavitation is an aesthetic technique that is mostly used to finish that localized fat, which resists regardless of physical exercise and good alimentation. It is about a non surgical technique that uses low frequency ultrasounds to dissolve localized fat. In this way, it acts the same way that lipolaser, having the inconvenient of not being immediate and more than ten sessions are required for it to really work.

2. Mesotherapy, goodbye to cellulitis and fat through homeopathic compounds

MesoterapiaMesotherapy is an alternative technique to treat localized fat deposits and orange skin. Affected zones are treated with small injections of liquid with natural substances, typical of homeopathic zones, which effect is dissolving fat to eliminate it out of our body, in a completely natural way through urine. Although, the final purpose is the same laser liposuction has, it is about a completely different and treatment, requiring several sessions to see its effects.

3. Body radiofrequency, it eliminates fat and tones skin with electromagnetic waves

Radiofrecuencia CorporalBody radiofrequency is a technique that applies heat to slim down, tone skin and defeat cellulitis. Using electromagnetic waves over the zone to treat helps warming up different skin layers in a controlled way. This allows giving new elasticity to dermis, besides permitting to reduce body volume. Required sessions depend on the zones to treat.

4. Lipolytic laser, forget about fat through laser with no surgery

Láser LipolíticoLipolytic laser is one of the alternatives to lipolaser that is more alike to it. It acts practically the same way laser liposuction does: throughout laser light, localized fat dissolves in a natural way. In this case, it is about ten minutes’ sessions that neither need postoperative time, nor side effects or recovery time. It is also about a technique that does not need surgery. Nevertheless, lipolytic laser is not as effective as laser liposuction, since are necessary more than ten sessions to notice first results.

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