Tummy tuck operation, alike most of the surgeries, it requires a series of specific cares and there are some advices that must be carried out with special attention, overall to improve final result.


Immediately after the operation, the safest thing is that you should stay in the clinic or hospital during approximately two or three days, this time can vary in relation to patient and type of tummy tuck performed. Once passed this time, initial bandages are changed with a protective and compression belt, with the purpose to avoid involuntary movements that can produce problems to the patient.

It is necessary to point out that belt is only protective, and we are the ones that should be careful not to make any important physical efforts during two or three weeks, at least, having special care about not lifting weight.

After the tummy tuck an edema is produced, some kind of swelling caused by liquid accumulation on the treated zone. This edema is accompanied with some localized bruises and a tight feeling on the skin.

About the scar, this usually goes from side to side of the abdomen and it always stays under the line of pants or underwear, in a way that is no visible with clothes on. Scar treatment is also important and it is usually recommended to massage them frequently with rose hip oil or other similar products. It is possible that your doctor give you some muscle exercises that have to be done for a better postoperative recovery.