At the moment of defining what kind of intervention is the most suitable for the accumulated fat removal, maybe you can doubt between traditional liposuction interventions, or a more innovative technique like lipo laser is.

The laser liposuction technique is effective to remove excess of body fat on the abdomen, waist, tights, hips, arms, neck and face.

ventajas de la lipoescultura laserAt present time, thanks to technological advances there are plenty of advantages given by the use of laser technology on the patient, above all regarding to recovery and painless results that can be obtained.

In first place, one of the advantages of lipo laser is about being a lot less aggressive procedure for the body, since it is the laser the one breaking fat cells without the need to pierce skin with other elements, as if a traditional liposuction is performed. In another way, anesthesia is not used, which the whole process is outpatient, making person able to return home in a few hours. Despite of that, there are some professionals that require soft sedation on the specific zone to treat, depending on the patient´s requirements.

Lipo laser is quite effective to eliminate body fat excess and helps skin stretching.

Of course, other of the great advantages is that there is no type of scar or trace remaining on skin, since there are not wounds or cuts, which avoid bleeding that is something very frequent on traditional liposuction. The same happens with swellings and bruises that will not exist any time on laser liposuction application.

It is important that in every moment the patients are informed of the kind of procedure is going to be applied on them, and proper caring that they must have later for faster recovery as possible, and the effects of laser lipolysis they looked for.

Generally taking some type of medication is indicated, as well as special caring that must have at the time to take showers, among other things. At the moment of finishing the procedure, it is recommendable the companion of a relative returning home, helping to move and climbing stairs if necessary.

The professional will apply a type of bandage or compression garment over the body zone where lipo laser has been done, which should be kept in place during the next days until your next appointment. Also, it is possible compression sucks are send for you helping with blood circulation.

During the next 24 hours you should not perform any type of exercise. Little by little, with the passing of a few days, it will be asked the patient to start with light exercise as walking, in this way blood flow begins to activate for the recovery to be more satisfactory.

It will also be recommended for you to take hot water baths on the treated zone, to regenerate circulation a lot faster.

It is possible that in the first days a special diet is sent to you, or the avoiding of some foods will be recommended.

If because of your work you should travel after a lipo laser procedure, it is recommended for you to wait between three or ten days depending on how is the recovery going. Trips are usually quite stressful for the body, and if you have not recovered entirely you could suffer pain, and some discomforts during the journey.

In case that you feel an unusual pain or see any different reaction on your body, it is recommended to call the aesthetic clinic, or visit the responsible doctor of the lipolysis.

Of course laser liposuction advantages are endless, especially for those people who desire to improve their health and body, permanently removing all fat cells accumulated inside them.

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