Liposuction is an aesthetic surgery that consists on the elimination of adipose tissue adhered to the muscle of some areas on the body; it is performed through an incision to extract fat over a cannula. This type of surgery must be done by a qualified and capable doctor, who should accompany during the whole process, from the beginning, preoperative preparation, and until the end of recovery.

At present time advances on the field of medicine have allowed using technology to make liposuction an easy procedure, this through the creation of little and fine tools permitting to obtain satisfactory results on different zones of the body (abdomen, dewlap, arms, legs, are the most common) with less manipulation of body´s patient.

More frequent zones for liposuction

Due to the great demand existing at present time to have a shaped and perfect body, there are zones where liposuction has become more frequent, as abdominal liposuction, arm liposuction, leg liposuction, and dewlap liposuction. We review all of them next.

Abdominal liposuction

lipoescultura abdominal
Liposuccion abdominal antes y después

Abdominal fat is one of the most difficult to eradicate, lot of people suffer with the bulging belly and the low aesthetic image of it. To fix this fat excess, abdominal liposuction can be used.

Abdomen has become in the most requested area for liposuction. Many factors as genetics, age, pregnancies of women, or simply feed habits influence to the flaccidity and accumulation of abdominal fat.

Abdominal liposuction helps to:

  • Achieve amore toned and slender abdomen, with a contoured figure.
  • It eliminates focalized fat on the abdominal area.
  • It reduces body fat range avoiding heart diseases.

It is very common to perform an abdominal liposuction in the surgical process of abdominoplasty, other type of aesthetic surgery to remove fat excess and skin on abdominal zone.

Arm liposuction

lipoescultura brazos
Liposucción en brazos

Arm liposuction is performed with micro cannulas, giving a great result.

Arm liposuction is more common female patients, since they look for slender and stylized arms, which help them to give the appearance of a more athletic body, but without looking muscle as it happens with exercise.

Arm liposuction has as purpose:

  • To strengthen self-esteem of women, making them feel more secure of themselves and attractive.
  • To make look more uniform and proportioned arms.
  • To make patients feel more comfortable when they use sleeveless clothing.

Leg liposuction

lipoescultura de piernas
Liposucción de Piernas

Fat located on legs is not the same amount or focused in the same way or in the same place for all people. A lot of people find that localized fat on their legs is resistant to diets and exercises, this condition can be produced by a genetic predisposition to reserve more fat on this zone.

This surgery is recommended specially for women, and it is known also as body remodeling, the result of leg liposuction can go in the reduction of one kilogram, until twenty kilograms of fat excess.

Leg liposuction allows patients to:

  • Look skinner and defined legs
  • Improve self secure when using determined types of clothes
  • Achieve leg slenderness

Dewlap liposuction

Lot of people feels complexed because of the excessive accumulation of fat and low aesthetic in this zone, a dewlap liposuction is an effective solution to this problem.

It is common that dewlap liposuction is performed with local anesthesia, since it allows patient to be more relax, at the moment of the intervention without having the need to directly watch the procedure, which in many patients generate anxiety and anguish.

A dewlap liposuction helps to improve aesthetic problems that torment people, which are not easy to dissimulate.

There are cases that patients who want to submit themselves to abdominal liposuction, or a dewlap, arm, or leg liposuction can take advantage of that extracted fat to put it on other zone of the body, to shape it at taste of client. This process exists and is called lipotransference.

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