LIPOSUCTION: What’s Laser Liposuction? – Lipolaser Cost

Laser Liposuction, also known as Lipo Laser and Laser Lipo Sculpture is an evolution of traditional liposuction, and nowadays is one of the most used aesthetic treatments, for patients to achieve obtaining the body figure they want, in a safe and successful way.

There are many areas where you can get liposuction, being quite effective to remove localized fat in most of the cases. In this website, we inform you what exactly laser liposuction is, as well as prices, before and after pictures, and other compatible techniques like tummy tuck.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Lipo Laser is basically about a aesthetic surgery type, through which accumulated fat is completely removed.

At present time, thanks to technological advances laser technology can be used for this application, avoiding like this traumatic surgeries, since in Laser Lipo Sculpture patients´ tissues suffer a lot less damage, in comparison to how they would suffer with traditional liposuction.

This allows that incisions made do not let any type of trace on the body, and most importantly: being quite less painful than with traditional liposuction.

Laser technology is used with the goal for fat can be liquefied before being removed, with which this fat becomes softer, allowing in this way it can be eliminated in a more natural way, by body´s patient.

Technique on Lipo Laser Surgery

On Lipo Laser, the surgeon uses small and sophisticated cannula and laser, thus obtaining a precise body shape. Besides, this technique helps with skin stretching. Stitches are no required and small scars heal in a few days.

It is important in every case that the adequate professional surgeon can be localized, for this intervention.

In the first moment, a first medical appointment must be attended, in which the professional can observe what the patient´s affected zone is, where he or she wants to apply Laser Liposuction. Once explained functioning and procedure itself, some type of previous test will be asked, to ensure patient´s health condition.

Inside the most traditional zones to apply Laser Liposuction is abdomen, legs, arms, or back, although every case is quite particular, and it can be applied on diverse zones. The best thing will be for you to ask your surgeon, valuing your condition.

Depending on the treatment zone, a Laser Liposuction can take three hours tops. Regarding recovery of the patient with a Laser Liposuction is almost immediately.

During postoperative, it is recommended for the patient to be in rest for the next five days, following indications from the professional, so body fat elimination can be adequate.

During the procedure, there is no need for the patient to stay hospitalized in the aesthetic clinic, since it is a completely an outpatient process, therefore, he or she can return home at the end of Laser Liposuction.

Not having general anesthesia, the process is a lot faster than traditional liposuction. In some cases, minimal sedation can be applied, for the patient does not suffer during the intervention.

Recovery after Lipo Laser Intervention

que-es-liposuccion-laserPatients who have submitted to a traditional liposuction are admitted into a clinic or hospital, where they will get the necessary attention after the intervention, remaining in the recovery room until effect from general anesthesia has passed.

Frequently, they spend the night admitted and cannot have a normal life until one or two weeks has passed, approximately. Besides, due to pains and postoperative discomforts they will need help from some relative or close person. In the Lipo Laser case, recovery is a lot faster and painless.

Because it is a less aggressive intervention general anesthesia will not be required, and hospital discharge will be quite sooner, in comparison to patients who submitted to traditional liposuction. As usual, the majority of patients come back to normal life between one or three days, after Laser Lipo Sculpture.

Differences between Lipo Laser and traditional liposuction

Following, I show differences between traditional liposuction and Laser Liposuction:

ANESTHESIAGeneral AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
LOSS OF BLOODLoss of blood high risk and tissue damageLittle loss of blood
PAINHigher postoperative pain, having the need to use strong medications to relieve it.Little discomforts after the intervention. Free sale medications to relieve them.
RISKHigher complication risk because of general anesthesia and trauma generated by the intervention.Risks are reduced with local anesthesia and intervention is less traumatic.
RESULTSIt can leave flaccid skin.More satisfactory result for the client. Tighter skin and less recovery period.

Of course Laser Liposuction advantages are plenty, but above all, it is an intervention in the reach of all, where invasive methods are not used and a few days recovery can be obtained, achieving for you to recover the desired body figured, which for much exercise done, there are fat cells impossible to remove in a natural way, and Lipo Laser will do that job to benefit your image and health.

Liposuction Prices and Results

Antes y después de liposucción

In relation to obtained results, the Lipo Laser brings almost permanent results, since fat body cells are completely eliminated and they do not regenerate again.

Even so, the patient must have necessary cares and referred by the professional doctor, so the Laser Lipo Sculpture effect is the most effective of all.

Although, there are not big contraindications about Laser Liposuction, it will be convenient for the patient neither to have overweight, carrying out a balanced and healthy life, nor it is a recommendable technique for pregnant women or people with heart conditions, hypertension or diabetes. if you want more information and tests results, you can visit the article of the Liposuction before and after.

Lipo Laser Prices

The cost of Lipo Laser procedures vary between 1.500 and 4.500 USD, or even more. The Laser Lipo Sculpture price will depend on the country, clinic you attend and the amount of zones where you decide to get Lipo Laser done.

Before submitting a Laser Lipo Sculpture intervention, there have to make sure to go an accredited center, with some reference if it is possible, as much as center/clinic and professional who is going to get Lipo Laser intervention done to you.

In the article of how much does it cost a liposuction? We detail in a deeper way Laser Liposuction prices on different countries.


Before getting a Liposuction surgery, or any other surgery to lose fat or weight, it is advisable to try it in a natural way, to make everything possible to obtain the desired body, adopting a right alimentation, and by doing some sport regularly.

There are several interesting books that can help you to reduce those extra pounds.

Lipo Sculpture Variants

There are also other alternative methods to liposuction, being non-surgical procedures to eliminate localized fat, like Vaser Lipo or cavitation.

Lipo Transference

The Lipo Transference is a very used method in the field of aesthetic surgery. Lipo transference consists in the fat extraction, through a lipo laser on a determined zone of the body, and the putting of such fat on another area to fit imperfections, or to give volume on the desired zone. Patients are usually interested on face Lipo Transference, buttocks Lipo Transference, and breasts Lipo Transference.

Lipo Transference has an advantage to be pretty secure, not usually provoking any rejection since fat used is one´s own.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is a aesthetic surgery used to eliminate fat excess and skin, which is located in the abdomen zone. It also works to fix and strengthen abdominal muscles. Removing spare skin and fat, muscles will stay stuck to the abdominal wall, acquiring the desired aesthetic looks.